OWLS Agenda and Speakers

The Mini-OWLS series convenes military and veteran women, experts, innovators, and thought  leaders to explore emerging trends, strengthen skills, and transform observations into actionable  insights to lead positive change. 

9 Nov Mini-Officer Women Leadership Symposium

The 9 November event is the final event in the three-part 2021 series with the theme of Reimagining Meaningful  Leadership.  All sessions seek to inspire, spark thought, and  share lessons for military women to lead throughout all stages of their lives, both during and  after their time in military service. 

9 Nov Event Theme:

Leading Ethically into the Future

This theme speaks to your ability to recognize trends and strategically pursue opportunities that have potential to create value and impact for the future.  Driven by guiding principles and ethics, you seek to effectively lead your teams and organizations for positive change

The Overarching 2021 Mini-OWLS Series Theme:

Reimagining Meaningful Leadership

In these unprecedented times, our traditional understanding of leadership is evolving rapidly to address new challenges and issues we face as individuals, communities, and a nation. Now, more than ever, the importance of developing meaningful leadership to lead self, teams, and organizations, is essential for the growth and change these times demand.

The 2021 Mini-OWLS series is designed to fit into busy schedules and not be constrained by  pandemic restrictions. The Mini-OWLS are half-day events featuring keynote presentations,  roundtable discussions, and panel sessions. All military officer, veteran, and senior enlisted personnel are encouraged to register and attend. Join us for the 9 November event which is the  final day in the 2021 Mini-OWLS series: 

  • November 9 – Reimagining Meaningful Leadership: Leading Ethically into the Future (11:30 a EST – 4:30 p EST)

Session details will be sent to all registrants prior to the event.  All who registered for the November and the 3-part series will receive session details by email.

See the 9 November Agenda below

Coming soon…mark your calendars to attend the upcoming 

2022 Officer Women Leadership Symposium to be  held 12-14 April, 2022 with the theme of Unlocking Your Potential to Lead Courageously.