OWLS 2020 – Second Acts – Reinventing Self

Regardless of our age or circumstance, we all have the power to create a second act and reinvent ourselves, especially as we gain and learn from, past experiences. This panel will bring the stories of women who created their second acts, both professionally and personally. From these shared experiences, you will be inspired to find their courage to seize new opportunities regardless of age or circumstance.

OWLS 2020 – Leading Authentically in a World of Change

In a world of shifting threats, risks, and vast cultural pressures, how do you still lead authentically and inspire confidence both personally and professionally in those around you? General Reynolds shares perspective, tips, and lessons that have helped her stay true to herself and her values while successfully overcoming a wide range of challenges to lead strategically.

OWS 2020 – Performance Under Stress and Creating Mindful Leaders

We all want to perform our best in every facet of our lives. In fact, each of us strives to maintain or even accelerate our professional success without sacrificing ourselves, specifically our health and relationships, along the way. But it is extremely difficult to do in reality.

OWLS 2020 – From Military Leadership to Inspired Action – Using Our Cultural Competencies to Inspire Calm, Clear, and Moderated

Dr. Kyleanne M. Hunter, USMC Veteran, professor of military and strategic studies at USAFA, co-director of the Athena Leadership Project, combines her military experience and passion for reform into a career in advocacy. Laura Campbell, Senior Partner of InspireCorps, works with teams and leaders to ensure alignment of company culture, behavior, and values. Together they will discuss how women military leaders can use their nature and trained cultural competencies and strengths to inspire calm and clear thinking and action during this time.

OWLS 2020 – Welcome and Overview (Day 3)

OWLS 2020 – Leading When Life Throws You Curveballs

Strong leaders are often defined by how they react to adversity. Hear from Major General Telita Crosland, Army, Deputy Surgeon General / Deputy Commanding General (Operations) and Chief, Medical Corps as they talk about pivoting life plans and perspective when faced with unexpected personal and professional challenges.

OWLS 2020 – Living a Life of Courage and Ethical Leadership

In the face of internal and external pressures, how do you stand firm in your convictions while skillfully navigating challenges that may compromise your values and ethics or the principles that define your organization? President Folt will offer her experience and leadership tips as a senior leader.

OWLS 2020 – Finding Your Voice – Advocating to Change Culture

“That’s how it has always been.” is no longer an acceptable answer. There are still dynamics and behaviors in our military, workplace, and societal culture that are standing in the way of full integration and equality. How do you speak up and drive change, especially when you may think differently than others in the room and are from an historically disenfranchised, marginalized group? This discussion will explore strategies and offer insights for ways to find (and use) your voice to create change within yourself, your organizations and communities.

OWLS 2020 – Welcome and Keynote Introduction

Dr. Geoffrey Garrett, Dean of the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Professor of Management and Organization

OWLS 2020 – Mentors – How to Get One, How to Be One

No one disputes that having a mentor is a good thing, but how do you find one? If asked, do you know how to be a mentor? Would it be better to be a “sponsor” rather than just a mentor to other women? We’ll tackle these and other questions.