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  • 21 OCT

    The Senior Executive Service (SES): Navigating the Pathway to Leadership in the Federal Government

    This webinar will help you discover: A further understanding of what the Senior Executive Service (SES) is, and an overview of its key features; The two types of positions and four types appointments available in the SES; The criteria, qualifications and critical leadership skills required from those seeking SES positions; Qualifications Review Boards (QRBs), appeals and the process of securing an appointment as an SES; Advice from a retired SES member (and Executive Coach) regarding ways to assess your fit for the SES; Tips, best practices and lessons learned for navigating the SES appointment process and succeeding in your role once appointed.

    This webinar is ideal for Military Service Members, Veterans and Military Spouses who are considering, or are in the midst of, career transition. There is no cost to attend.

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  • 9 NOV

    9 NOV

  • 18 NOV

    Los Alamos National Laboratory Hiring Opportunities

    This webinar is ideal for Military Service Members, Veterans and Military Spouses who are considering, or are in the midst of, career transition. There is no cost to attend.

  • 12 APR

    2022 Career Coaching Workshop

    Mark your calendars to attend the upcoming 2022 Career Coaching Workshop to be held 12 April, 2022.

    12 APR

  • 13-14 APR

    2022 Officer Women Leadership Symposium

    Mark your calendars to attend the upcoming 2022 Officer Women Leadership Symposium to be  held 13-14 April, 2022 with the theme of Unlocking Your Potential to Lead Courageously.

Mini-Officer Women Leadership Symposium (Mini-OWLS) convenes women leaders in the military and veteran community, experts, innovators, and thought leaders to explore emerging trends, strengthen skills, and transform observations into actionable insights to lead positive change.  We are hosting a three-part OWLS series and events will be shorter in length and offer greater flexibility for you to engage virtually while accommodating in-person meeting and schedule constraints.

Be Featured in an OWLS TALK!
As part of our Mini-OWLS series, we are inviting you to share your story as a TED Talk in the OWLS Talks – Celebrate Her Voice: Untold Stories of Military Women Campaign.  Submit your story in the form of a five-minute audio clip, a short written summary, and select photos. Your submission will be reviewed by a committee of military, veteran, and community leaders on  the topic aligning with one of the Mini-OWLS themes listed above.  At each of the Mini-OWLS events, we will announce and feature the top three selected stories from our nationwide search with a total of nine stories featured throughout the year.  All stories will be archived with the Military Women’s Memorial.

Career Coaching Workshops are designed to assist military officer and senior enlisted women in making successful career transitions after their military service.  Additionally, veteran women and degreed military spouses who are interested in improving their career success are encouraged to attend.  For 2021, the Career Workshop will be held in collaboration with the eMentor Webinar Series and will take place virtually throughout the year.

eMentor Webinar Series features expert guidance every month from our presenting partners on a range of personal and professional development topics to include: Next Level Leadership; Job Seekers; Federal Employment; Military Entrepreneur; and Health and Wellness. Participants may join eMentor to connect with a mentor or protege and engage with a broader community of support.

Professional Profile Directory: If you are in the midst of career transition or considering a career change, please include your profile in the 2021 Professional Profile Directory (PPD). The PPD features the highly sought-after skills, talents and leadership competencies of current and former military officer women, senior enlisted women and degreed military spouses in career transition. This directory will be shared monthly with AcademyWomen partners who may be able to facilitate hiring, a group that includes a wide array of top-caliber corporate, nonprofit and government entities.

Distinguished Speakers Series (DSS) are short, deep-dive events that are held in partnership with institutions of higher learning and organizations committed to furthering diversity, equity & inclusion, critical thinking, innovative problem-solving, strong leadership, and the exploration of particularly important and timely topics related to women and girls.  Visit here to learn more about the DSS.

Due to current pandemic restrictions, all 2021 events will be hosted virtually in a way that enables participants to connect with one another and engage with speakers for inspiration, mentorship, and networking.

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