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Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS)

15-16 APRIL, 2020 | Washington, D.C. Metro Area (Venue TBD)

The Officer Women Leadership Symposium (OWLS)provides military women the opportunity to network with like-minded colleagues and to grow professionally and personally through keynote messages, workshops and panel discussions. Our distinguished speakers are leaders from the military, public and private sectors who offer their support and personal advice. Participants will have tremendous opportunities for mentorship, while connecting with veteran and current military women at every level of leadership and from every military branch of service.

Veteran and current military officer and senior enlisted women (E7+), women officers-in-training, and all supporters of the OWLS are encouraged to attend.

The Career Coaching Workshop

14 April 2020 | Washington, D.C. Metro Area (Venue TBD)

The Career Coaching Workshop is a full day designed to assist military officer and senior enlisted women in making successful career transitions after their military service, as well as veteran officer women and degreed military spouses who are considering a career change and interested in improving their career success. The Career Workshop includes a job fair, interactive professional development workshops and small group discussions led by career coaches, industry experts and top-caliber, military friendly employers interested in meeting and hiring women leaders from the military community.

Network directly with military friendly companies interested in meeting and hiring phenomenal women leaders like you!

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