The Passion Profiler is made available to participants of the Career Coaching Workshop

Learn how it can help you with your professional development!


The Passion Profiler™ scientifically assesses your expression of purpose as work-related passions. You will be asked to complete this assessment, once you have registered to attend the Career Workshop, and if you selected to participate in the Passion Profiler™. ONLY registrants of the Career Workshop will be provided with a link to complete the Passion Profiler™. The information below will provide you with additional guidelines to help prepare for your attendance at the event. 

In order to receive the most current and accurate assessment of your work-life environment, it is best to complete the Passion Profiler™ closer to the date of the event. Therefore, beginning in early-April and per the information in the table below, a link and password will be sent for you to access your Passion Profiler™. Once your link is received, please complete your profile NO LATER THAN THE DEADLINE INDICATED IN THE TABLE. 

These deadlines must be followed to ensure there is sufficient time to synthesize all data and prepare individual reports in time for the Career Workshop. Unfortunately, if you register AFTER 19 APR 2022, you will NOT receive a link to the Passion Profiler™ BEFORE the date of the event on 26 APR since there will not be enough lead time to process your report in time for the event. 

You will be able to interpret your profile results during the Finding Your Fit workshop on the day of the event, therefore it is ideal that you complete your Passion Profiler™ by the deadline in order to receive your report before (or on) the day of the event. 

Your link will be sent in accordance with the following schedule: Your Registration Date 

Estimated Timeframe 

to Receive Your Link 

Deadline to Complete 

Your Passion Profiler™ 

*Completed Report eMailed to You 

By NLT 5 APR 2022 

6 – 7 APR 2022 

NLT 19 APR 2022, 11:59p EST 

NLT 25 APR 2022 

6 APR – 19 APR 2022 

20 – 21 APR 2022 

Please Note: You will have only a 2-3 day turn-around to complete your profile IF you’d like to receive your report in time for the 26 APR Career Workshop. 

NLT 23 APR 2022, 11:59p EST 

NLT 25 APR 2022 

20 APR – 26 APR 2022 

*27 – 29 APR 2022 

*Please Note: If you register AFTER 19 APR, you will receive a link to take your Passion Profiler after the event – which means you will NOT receive your customized report in time for the Career Workshop on 26 APR. 

After receiving your link, you will have a ONE-WEEK window to complete your assessment and will be provided with a digital version of your report NLT 23 MAY 2022. 

7 MAY 2022 

NLT 23 MAY 2022 

Download Information on the PASSION PROFILER™ below.