Service Sponsored Seats for Career Workshop or OWLS

If you would like to attend the Career Workshop and/or OWLS using a seat sponsored by your specific service, contact one of the below individuals.

Air Force (sponsoring OWLS only)
Stephen D. Parrish, SMSgt, USAF
HAF/A1DV Diversity & Inclusion
1040 Air Force Pentagon
Washington, DC 20330-1040
COMM: 703-697-7807

Coast Guard (sponsoring CW and OWLS)
Office of Diversity & Inclusion, CG-127

Navy (sponsoring OWLS only)
LT Christina L. Johns
Navy Personnel Command (PERS-443C)
Career Development Program Manager

Please request via email using subject line: ‘2019 OWLS Registration Request.’ Registration deadline for Navy funded registrations ends 24 March 2019.

USMC (sponsoring CW and OWLS)
Mr. Marc Sheppard
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
Manpower & Reserve Affairs, MP Division
Equal Opportunity & Diversity Management Branch (MPE)
(703) 784-9371