CW 2020 – Finding Your Fit – How Passion and Purpose Transform a Career

Many military veterans experience an identity crisis during their military transitions. Some may even settle for careers and lives that underutilize their innate skills and leadership talents. As a result, in a world that is desperate for strong leaders, our society loses out on the full potential military members bring to any organization. Successful transitions back into the civilian world require that service members leverage their full leadership capabilities by seeking roles that provide purpose, fulfillment and happiness. So how does that get done? When you are exploring your next career move, finding the right fit requires that you align your skills, passions and values with a work role. Doing so can determine your success now and long into the future. The journey to discovering your fit begins with understanding your passion archetypes -which define your overall approach to work and life –and provide insight into how you can be motivated to deliver your very best. Armed with knowledge of your unique passion archetypes, you better align your passions with all aspects of your life, from what you choose to study, to the relationships you form with others, to the career path you decide to pursue.

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